Custom Suits

Why buy a suit made for everybody when you can have one made to fit just you?

Here at Surf `n Sea Custom Wetsuits, we make custom wet suits for many water sports: Skin diving, surfing,wind surfing, swimming, etc.  Choose the style, thickness of neoprene material and colors that fit your needs.

Why it Works

Its the FIT!  This is where custom comes in – no baggy, cold water areas to flush cold water through over and over.  There is NO RESTRICTION.


At Surf `n Sea Custom Wetsuits we offer an online service.
 To ensure the best fit possible we ask that you download the detailed instructions and have someone close to you to take these measurements.
When sending in your measurements we appreciate a photo of yourself, preferably in a swimsuit.
As with all our suits we guarantee the seams for the life of the suit.
Custom Suits can take up to 30 day to arrive, an email will be sent with a tracking number when the suit has left the store.

Please click here for Custom Wetsuit Order Form