Wetsuit Styles

At Surf ‘n Sea Custom Wetsuits we have made suits for all occasions; surfing, diving, swimming, kayaking even a wedding wetsuit.  We also make the traditional wetsuits such as Long Johns, Summer Suits and Spring Suits.  To aid in your decision we have provided some pictures from our unique custom suits to explain the suits.
Thickness can range between 2mm to 7mm
Full Suit
A Full suit can have long or short sleeves and long legs
Spring Suit
A Spring suit can have long or short sleeves, Short legs
Farmer John
Johns suits have no Sleeves and can have long or short legs
Surf Jackets and Vest
Surf jackets can be made with or without zippers, with long or short sleeves. Vests can be made with or without zippers

Surf ‘n Sea Makes Step in Jackets, Hooded Vests, Pants and a lot more. If you wonder if it could be made, we have likely already made it.

Please remember we have made some unique and interesting suits through the years and it is worth looking at the Gallery for inspiration.